Time to get your brows done? What about your lashes? At Jana Beauty, we do both! Drop-in for a skin treatment and get your brows and lashes while you’re here.

Our therapists are expertly trained at brow shaping, brow tinting and lash lifts. We use premium wax and salon-grade tinting solutions that last.

Worried your brows will look too defined? Or lashes too dramatic? We don’t just follow trends. We consult with you first and recommend the style and colour that will best suit your face.


Brow wax & tinting
Already got a brow shape going? Our therapists will match your brow shape and colour precisely. Starting again? We create the perfect shape and colour to suit your face. After a more permanent look? We do feather touch cosmetic tattoos.

Lash lifts & tint
Throw away your mascara and get a lash lift and tint instead! Lash lifts curl your lashes and tint each hair a darker colour. Your eyelashes will look long, thick and expertly curled.

Lash & Brow Pricing

Express Brow (Tidy) $38
Full Eyebrow Wax $50
Lash Tint $42
Lash Lift & Tint $115
Brow Tint $50
Brow Wax and Tint 92
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  • You wake up looking gorgeous
  • You spend less time on makeup in the morning
  • Lash lifts open up your eyes
  • Lash tints define your eyes
  • Shaped brows balance and define your face

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from eyebrow shaping and tint?

We consult with you first to decide the shape that will most suit your face. We then use wax to remove unruly hairs. If you decide to get a tint, we cover your brows with a tinting solution and leave it for 10 minutes, before cleansing it off. You leave with perfectly shaped brows!

What can I expect from a lash lift?

We use a mould that rests on your eyelids to curl the lash upwards. We place a solution on your lashes and wait a few minutes. We then take the solution off and put a tint on in a similar way.

How long does a lash lift and tint last?

Lash lifts last for up to 6-8 weeks.

Lash tint lasts up to 6 weeks

How long will my eyebrow wax and tint last?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks for eyebrows to grow back. Tints last 4-6 weeks depending on thickness of hair, natural hair shade and life style activities such as swimming in chlorinated pool or outdoor activities where the sun may fade colour faster. It’s different for every person.

How do I care for eyelashes after lift and tint?

-avoid wetting eyelashes for 24 hours after treatment.

-apply lash conditioner day and night to keep hair hydrated, plump and nourished