Are your brows sparse or lacking definition? Sick of applying makeup every morning? It sounds like semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos might be for you.

Cosmetic tattooing is the process of applying semi-permanent micro pigment to your eyebrows and eyeliner to give a professional makeup look. The best part? It won’t wash off, smudge or run. Say goodbye to temporary makeup forever!


Feather touch/hair strokes
Not sure what to expect from cosmetic brow tattoos? Eyebrow tattooing or eyebrow feathering is the process of applying tiny hair strokes to your brows with a digital pen and pigment. The hair strokes imitate real hair and give you a natural eyebrow look.

Top & lower eyeliner
Does your makeup routine involve eyeliner? Do you live a busy life? Cosmetic tattooing is a must for people on the go! You can choose to get bottom eyeliner, top eyeliner or both. Eyeliner applications create a precise line to define your eyes and give you a professional makeup look – without the fuss.

Tattoo Pricing

Tattoo Consultation $50
Eyebrow Tattoo $680
Top Eyeliner Tattoo $650
Lower Eyeliner Tattoo $600
Eyelash Fill-in $450
Touch-ups From $450
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  • Fill in eyebrow gaps, add volume and fullness
  • Shaped brows balance and define your face
  • You wake up with a made up face and spend less time on makeup
  • Cosmetic eyeliner defines and brightens your eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does eyebrow tattooing work?

We first assess your eyebrows and decide on your preferred shape. Some people just want to define the brows they already have, others want to create a new shape with more definition.

We use an eyebrow tattoo machine that makes tiny hair-like incisions into the skin then fills in the incisions with ink. We have a range of natural colours you can choose so the colour matches your existing hair and complements your face.

How long does eyebrow feathering last?

Eyebrows last 6-12 months. Cosmetic tattooing (eyeliner) lasts 3-5 years with recommended touch-ups at our Subiaco salon.

How does cosmetic tattooing work?

Much like regular tattooing, a needle is inserted into the skin and ink is deposited one dot at a time. But with cosmetic tattooing, the tattooing is only on the first layer of skin.

Do cosmetic tattoos hurt?

It can be uncomfortable without topical anaesthetic, however, some people don’t find it painful at all.

Do I have to come back for a follow up appointment?

We recommend a touch-up appointment after 6 weeks to refine ink that may have lightened or lost ink. We recommend touch-ups every 24-36 months.

Are there any side effects?

There may be some swelling and redness.

How do I care for my cosmetic tattoo after treatment?

Eyebrows: Avoid wetting your cosmetic tattoo for 24-48 hours. After 48 hours, moisturise the area (not eyeline, only eyebrows).

Eyeliner: Don’t wear eyeliner or mascara for 7 days after treatment. Avoid contact lenses for 3 days.