IPL Hair Removal

IPL leg hair reduction

Quick and Painless IPL Hair Removal

Every one of our IPL treatments are guaranteed to give you permanent hair reduction. Your hair removal treatment will be quick, painless and highly effective. Following IPL treatment hair growth is permanently reduced, any hair growth following treatment tends to be significantly thinner and lighter. To find out what to expect from your IPL treatment, check out our before and after IPL pictures for more information about results.

Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent?

Our state of the art SHR in motion system offers unparalleled results. At home hair removal systems are not on par with medical grade laser systems in the hands of trained professionals. These solutions can also carry the risk of permanent damage to your skin. It is often true the cheaper the treatment, the cheaper the machine being used is and the less training the person holding it has undergone. Visit our Perth IPL Centre website for more information on IPL hair removal treatment or book online.

IPL Hair Removal Prices

Full Leg650.00
Lower Leg300.00
Upper Leg380.00
Bikini Standard150.00
Bikini Extended180.00
Under Arms110.00
Lower Arms250.00
Upper Lip or Chin60.00
Sides of Face140.00
Face Lower200.00
Front of Neck150.00
Men's Full Back500.00
Men's Upper Back350.00
Men's Chest300.00
Men's Chest & Abdomen500.00
Men's Neck & Shoulders250.00

IPL Reviews

Highly Recommend for IPL Treatment

My recent experiences at other beauty salons in Perth have really made it clear to me just how experienced and professional the staff at Jana Beauty are. I would highly recommend them to friends/family, and especially those who are looking for IPL treatment for hair removal.

November 20, 2018

Brazilian Laser Review

I had Brazilian permanent hair removal done and the results have been really good so far. Thanks girls!

Sarah F
November 20, 2018

Loved Getting My IPL Done

I love getting my IPL treatment done at Jana Beauty. They’re all very professional, Whitney is absolutely amazing!

September 20, 2018