Au Revoir Acne and Ageing: Omnilux’s Newest At-Home Treatments

When it comes to your skin, it’s impossible to achieve perfection. The faces we see on our phone screens all day long are the result of hours of editing, airbrushing, and face-tuning. Skin is temperamental and fluctuates like the tide. The health and appearance of your pores depends heavily on what you eat, how much you sleep, what oils, creams, and serums you feed them, and how many times a day you let your slobbery toddler or Labrador kiss your face.

You could follow Kylie Jenner’s daily celery juice ritual, washing your face exclusively with pristine water straight from Switzerland’s natural springs, and still wake up the next morning with an angry little breakout on your chin.

While most people can agree bleaching your roots is best left to the professionals and not a YouTube tutorial in your kitchen, it is now far easier to achieve salon-quality results with your skin from the comfort of your own bed. There are plenty of upmarket home treatments available, made by the same trusted brands your skin therapist would approve of.

Omnilux AprilShoot Studio Clear 95 Au Revoir Acne and Ageing: Omnilux’s Newest At-Home Treatments

Omnilux’s at-home LED treatment masks are quickly gaining popularity in households across the country. You might recognise them from the hours you spent scrolling through Instagram in lockdown, or headlining Kourtney Kardashian’s latest wellness blog. The benefits of at-home LED treatment with Omnilux’s range are paramount. They work to revitalise your skin in a matter of minutes, restoring your face to its healthiest glow. Unlike other high-end skincare treatments, Omnilux Clear and Contour only needs three to five 10-minute treatments per week.

With Omnilux Clear and Contour, you can revitalise your skin while you’re watching the new season of You, finally doing your tax return, or even while you hand out M&Ms to trick-or-treaters next weekend (the masks are one-machete-away from a convenient homage to Friday the 13th).

These past 18-months have tested our patience, composure and sanity like never before, introducing an air of uncertainty to our daily lives. While we cannot be sure what kind of pandemic-induced restrictions tomorrow may bring, we can ensure our skincare and self-care remains a priority. Keeping on top of your skincare regime doesn’t need to go on a four-month hiatus every time a COVID cluster emerges in a busy Bondi shopping centre.

Which Omnilux treatment is right for you?

The Omnilux LED treatment that is most suitable for you depends on your specific skin focus:

Omnilux Contour face is purposely designed for anti-aging and skin-damage prevention. Omnilux Clear is specifically designed to treat mild to moderate acne. Each mask utilises different wavelengths (colours) of light: red and near-infrared for Omnilux Contour and red and blue for Omnilux Clear.

It is best to own both products if your skin concerns vary between fine lines and acne. The blue light in the Clear mask helps to eliminate the bacteria on your skin’s surface while the red light reduces oil production and inflammation associated with acne. The near-infrared light in the Contour Face mask penetrates deepest into the skin allowing the production of new collagen and elastin – this is key for achieving natural anti-aging results.

Omnilux Contour

Omnilux Contour is a Red and near-infrared LED device clinically proven to treat signs of ageing and sun damage. Using this mask reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness.
This FDA and CE certified treatment restores a healthy, youthful glow to your face. In clinical studies, Contour users agreed that their skin felt firmer (98%), fine lines appeared less visible (96%), and skin was brighter and plumper (95%)

5 illuminated dark Au Revoir Acne and Ageing: Omnilux’s Newest At-Home Treatments

Omnilux Clear

Omnilux Clear utilises Red and blue LED to attack mild to moderate acne. This device significantly reduces acne and blemishes, as well as redness and inflammation.
Just 10-minutes of LED exposure a few times a week can softens the appearance of acne scarring, while helping to clear current or impending breakouts faster. Clinical studies show that 70% of acne was cleared after just 4 weeks of using Omnilux technology.

2 illuminated dark Au Revoir Acne and Ageing: Omnilux’s Newest At-Home Treatments

Like most things in life, achieving healthy, radiant skin is a slow and steady process. Yes, you can slap on a $10 charcoal peeling mask from Coles, and pray to the skin gods that your breakout will be clear by the weekend, but quick fixes are never a sustainable method of controlling your pores. Omnilux Clear and Contour LED treatment masks are a no-hassle, pain-free way to spoil your pores.

Salon strength Omnilux LED can boost your at home work along with other skin treatments recommended by your therapist. Consult with your skin therapist about which treatment is right for you.

By Mia Erickson