Cosmetic Tattoo

permanent eyebrow tattoo makeup

Cosmetic Tattooing Lets You Wake Up Looking Good Every Day

Cosmetic tattooing (applying a makeup tattoo) is ideal for enhancing and correcting the shape of the eyebrows, eyeline and lips. When done professionally, cosmetic tattooing enhances your facial features and creates the effect of a professional makeup application that won't wash off, smudge or run. A makeup tattoo lasts between 3-5 years with recommended touch-ups at our Subiaco salon.

Permanent Makeup Corrects Lip Shape, Sparse Eyebrow Hair and Eyeliner

A professionally applied cosmetic tattoo can correct uneven lip shape, incorrect eyebrow shape or sparse eyebrow hair. Having permanently applied makeup reduces the cost and hassle of constantly having to redo your makeup. Look and feel amazing, knowing you will be completely made up and ready to go, every day.

The quality of your permanent makeup application depends on the skill of your therapist. We have over 25 years of experience applying cosmetic tattoos, feather touch brows & microblading.

Cosmetic Tattoo Prices

Tattoo TypePrices
Tattoo Consultation50
Lip Liner Tattoo800
Eyebrows, Feather Touch and Microblading600
Top Eyeliner Tattoo600
Lower Eyeliner Tattoo600
Eyelash Fill in350